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Book your Apartment now!

Registration and Booking Process

So you have short-listed your apartment? Great. Here’s now you can go ahead and complete the booking process in 3 easy steps. Here is the booking form

  • 1

    Complete the Booking form

    Please fill out the booking form and provide us with all the important details. If you are planning to stay with a group of friends in the same apartment,do make sure that you provide us the required information about every member of your group. This is important as we need this information to draw all financial and legal paperwork, required for renting out the apartments. We also sent a separate invoice to each member of your group for payment of registration amount as well as payment of rentals. This is very important for a transparent and trusting process

  • 2

    Pay Booking amount

    After receiving your booking form, A XACCO Pal will send you a confirmation mail along with a payment link to send us a small booking amount via PayPal. You can easily make the payment by any debit / credit card or by internet banking in case you don't have a Paypal account. This booking amount will give you an assured blocking of the apartment you selected for a period of 15 days. In an unfortunate situation if you wish to cancel the booking due to any reason before signing the contract, we shall refund you the entire booking amount after deducting any banking charges

  • 3

    Complete Documentation

    After receiving your booking amount, your XACCO Pal will send you a contract form which you need to fill up and send back to us. These documents may vary depending on the legal requirements for a country but thier would be a legal contract between you and the apartment owner (Or an estate agent representing the owner). After the documentation, we will inform you about the bank details of the owner/agent with whom you will have to deposit the rent of the first month along with the administrative charges ( after deducting the booking amount already paid to us)


  1. The registration amount is only an advance blocking of the apartment selected by you for a period of 15 days.
  2. If you don not sign the contract and send us the balance charges, XACCO Global Hospitalities LLP reserves the right to cancel the booking and refund your booking advance after deducting the bank transfer charges
  3. In case the booking is canceled after signing the contract(but before making any payment for the rental, the booking amount paid will be used towards the administrative expenses and shall not be refunded.
  4. The booking amount paid by you shall be fully reduced from the total price when you make us the payment of Rental and administrative expenses.