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Want are we offering here?
Apartment rentals – short to medium duration

Exchange semesters are fun. But ask those who have to arrange for the accommodation on their own! The fun turns to ‘run’ and that too a bad one. Where to look, whom to share, how much budget to consider and most importantly – how to trust the real estate agents in an unknown city?
At XACCO, we provide solutions for students and our company is managed and operated solely by the students.
We are NOT rental agent, nor do we have any contractual obligations with the owner, we have an identified inventory of apartments in different cities and our team members help you rent it out

What’s in it for me?
XACCO Pals – Know all what you want!

XACCO Pals are key differentiators in our services. They know the city you are headed to, they have been through what you are going through and they would make things easier for you. They are not expert quides or Mr or Ms ‘know it alls’ but the are someone who are on your side and can come in very handy before you go and during the settling in period.

How can they help you?

We assign a XACCO Pal to you as soon as you send us your requirement. If you already have identified the friends with whom you plan to stay, they will add everyone on a Whatsapp group where you can share your preferences or concerns, they offer you a choice of apartments, help you go through the paperwork, guide you about how to transfer money, in short they are people with loads of friendly advice.

Take me to XACCO Pals
Want more do I get here?
Value adds. Get more for what you pay!

Imagine going to a new city with all that luggage and you find a friendly face right at the airport who will drop you right in front of your new home without any charges? OR how about finding the refrigerator with milk, bread, eggs and other important items or maybe detergents and cleaners in the bathroom? How about cleaning services once a week or invitation to exclusive parties for exchange students. Sounds good? We do offer most of these services. Some are absolutely free and some of them come for a much smaller amount what you would otherwise pay for.

Interested in the discovering the city? Well, we do send you loads of information through our facebook page and we will have them coming throughout your stay



Let us

Send us your requirement from here. Please give us as much information as possible as it would help us know your requirements better. What size of apartment are you looking for, how many people are going to stay, what is the duration, what facilities you would like, what is your budget

Do let us know which university/ college you would be joining so that we can suggest an accommodation which is nearest and easier to reach to. As they say ‘the devil is in the details and we sure want to keep the devil as far away from you as possible by knowing all of it 🙂


After analysing your needs, we will assign a pal to you who will be your contact point till you finalise your apartment and the services that you are looking for

Shortlisting the apartment is not enough as most student cities are always short of quality accommodation. By the time you talk to your fellow batchmates and decide who will share your apartment, the availability may change. To overcome this anomaly, we have a ‘pre-block apartment’ system where you and your friends (who have made up their minds) pay us a small token money and we block the apartment you chose for two weeks. This ensures that you get what you want and we adjust 100% of this amount when you make the final payment.


Well! Now that your apartment is blocked for two weeks, it isn’t time to relax, we have to ensure all the legal formalities like drawing up the contract, making the final payments of the rental money to the apartment owner/ reality facilitator to seal the deal and move ahead. There are some country-specific regulations, your XACCO pal will update you from time to time about ID proofs to Visa copies which may be required to complete the process. The next step is to send us the arrival dates and flight details of all the members of your group so that we can arrange for your pick up and other facilities.

It is always better that one person amongst you coordinate with us to avoid duplication of efforts and avoid discrepancies. Trust us, we know this stuff happens a lot many times.

Settling in

After all the boring stuff, you are all set to enjoy the fun time in a new city. Remember! we are not a typical rental company who will wash its hands off the moment the deal is completed. For us at XACCO, the real deal starts now. We advise you to like our facebook page and watch out for our exclusive deals and offers.

Our team puts together interesting events like walks, biking tours, weekend trips around the city, and food trails. We also keep you updated with cool parties and fun happenings. Just keep your options open and put on that charming smiles, the fun begins now!