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Bidding goodbye to the chill life one enjoys at the comfort of home is definitely hard. But what’s harder is to come to a new and unknown place, and then lead a happy and satisfying life. Being one of the those who has experienced the process of moving out, dealing with different kind of problems and finally settling in, there’s a lot I can share about this journey with all of you.

Studying abroad, surely, has a lot of perks. To start with, the bare minimum of being able to lead an independent life and experiencing so much at such a young age, is truly an enriching and amazing journey. It’s not the freedom you have for making decisions on your own, but it’s the freedom you have for learning to make better decisions as you move forward on your path. Furthermore, studying in international colleges gives you opportunity to meet a whole new bunch of people. While some become family, a few others teach you important life lessons. It’s all part and parcel of the new life you’re trying to get accustomed to.

While some become family, a few others teach you important life lessons.

But now think about the stuff you need to survive in this new place; Food, shelter, budget, and a lot of other activities. Finding a place to stay which you can call home is going to be such a painstaking job. Believe me, I have been there! You might end up choosing something a tad bit far from your university, or a house that’s way too small, or a place that has nothing around; worse, you could be scammed. Is that all? No. You also need to figure out food. As a student you don’t have the luxury of eating food at fancy restaurants every day, and yet, you want to have good food. To add on, with so many new things to explore in and around a new city/country, you really need to get a grip of your spending.

Does all of this throw you off the hook? Don’t panic even a tiny bit cause we, at XACCO, are committed to providing you with the solutions to all your problems. XACCO’s exceptional team understands what every student need in order to settle in a new country. Fancy a pool? Want to live with a view? Concerned about the budget? We will find you the most suited apartments or rooms according to all your needs. But what’s more? Stay tuned to our blog for exciting content about everything you would want to know about Singapore, ranging from food to travel and discounts to fancy stuff; all under one roof.

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