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Didn’t you just read our previous article and get excited about this one? I’m sure you found your perfect place to study, so now it’s time to find out the most interesting, fascinating, cute, date-worthy and cozy cafés in Singapore. Cafés, to be frank, are neither places to hop in and out for your morning caffeine nor places where you just get beverages may be. Isn’t it true? Cafés have definitely evolved from being known for coffees to becoming a hangout spot for brunches, lunches and dinners (keep an eye out for these mentions- brunches on weekends are a life-savior). Some of us even have our favorite cafés, the ones you go to when you want to celebrate, the ones where you would go with your close people, the ones where you just want to refresh your mind, and lot more favorites right? For me, café is that place where all I want is good food, a nice drink and may be peace of mind 😛 It’s where I would explore my creative side and at the same time have a nice time with my friends.

If you’re thinking just reading through this article will empty your pockets, then hold on! I have got good news. I promise to include at least 4 cafés which are definitely budget friendly. But hey! Once in a while it’s okay to pamper yourself 😛 Since you have made it till here, just hold on a little longer and read further to find out my recommendations. Who knows, you might find your comfort spot of Singapore.

Buckle up and join me on the coffee hopping journey!

1 Prodigal Café

So, one thing to note about these cafés is that don’t judge it by their location. This one is located in Tai Seng in an HDB setting. Not a usual location, right? But talking about Prodigal Café, it’s one of the most reasonable and affordable cafés serving amazing brunches. The café itself is cozy, cute and has warm vibes.
With a greater number of seats and better space, Prodigal is the perfect example for a minimalistic setting. On a side note (just for some trivia ;P), prodigal means “lavish and extravagant”. The café owners try to convey their love and translate their lavishness through their passion for good food and coffee.

Instagram: Prodigal Café

2 Food For Thought You know you have those places that your parents used to visit and the ritual continues? Food For Thought is exactly like one of those. A museum café, been there for long, pocket-friendly, supports good causes for charity, it’s everything in one place. It gracefully finds a balance between nostalgia and innovation to keep the roots intact but with a twist.
Wondering of a must try? Tropical Fruit Yogurt Bowl: I would say it’s the healthiest way to kickstart your day. Tangy flavors rightly balanced out by the sweetness of honey.

Website: Food For Thought
Food For Thought

3The Tree Café Centrally located in the Dhoby Ghaut area, it’s a go for a super nice interior with the theme of nature (as the name suggests) and also, not to mention, the competitive pricing. Want something eye-catchy for your Insta story? Well yes, the café has a swing at the corner decorated with leaves. Other than their 5 Specialty items, everything is priced lower than $10, literally everything else. Located in The Cathay, it’s a hangout space for students and a coffee/meal place for office workers.

Facebook: The Tree Café

4All Things Delicious

I think I should probably add this to my next hidden gems article. This place is smartly placed in Haji Lane, which in itself is a place to be uncovered. Coming to the food, I’m totally a fries person, I can just eat fries for lunch or dinner and be totally satisfied. So, when I looked at their menu and spotted Masala Fries, it felt like my eyes fixated on it. With no second thoughts, I ordered these yummy sounding fries which came with a sprinkle of spice powder on top and Mango Mayo dip (McDonald’s doesn’t even have normal mayo 😐). Even the Chicken Tikka Rice Bowl on the menu seemed pretty tasty (maybe next time). But for now, these fries were all I needed to eat to feature the place in this article. May be a little biased opinion, but hey, you can always head down there for a nice atmosphere around you.

Website: All Things Delicious
All Things Delicious

5 Oblong

Are you a waffle-lover looking to explore new places to eat waffles in? Well then, we’re in this journey together. I never was a crazy fan but now, just the thought of it makes me crave. I have tried waffles at different places across Singapore. Hands-down, plain/red-velvet waffle with chocolate/vanilla ice-cream is the best. Just those pure flavors with not a lot of overlapping keeps the taste perfect.
At Oblong, there are waffles in 3 variants: Matcha, Red Velvet and Charcoal. For S$10 you can get a waffle, ice-cream and coffee. You can even choose your sauce and they even offer to top it up with cream cheese (I haven’t personally seen a lot of cafes offering it). Happy Waffly Day!

Facebook: Oblonge

6 d’Good Café

Hey! The ‘d’ wasn’t a typo, it’s how they spell it 😛 I have been visiting the outlet in Holland Village unaware of the fact that that’s where it had been established first. Can’t tell you how cute the place is, a Lawn, The Attic, The Balcony, Good (Best) Food and Friendly people, this is the perfect recipe to a successfully running café. There’s also another branch in Takashimaya Shopping Centre and they have their brand-new outlet at Jewel Changi Airport.
So, what’s good? Coffee! No wait, Cocktails! Oh no, the Waffles! You see, everything I have tried turned out so good and they even have discounts for students. So true to their name is their food! Please try their plain waffle with ice-cream and experience your midday blues turn into heavenly brunches! Also, go to the Holland Village branch cause it’s sooo cozy!

Website: d’Good Café
d’Good Café

7 Plain Vanilla Bakery

Best place for those mouth-watering cupcakes! You might be confused if you have reached the right place because they keep changing their storefront look from time to time. Quite interesting, ain’t it? Especially, located in a locality like Tiong Bahru, you wouldn’t expect a café with a wooden swing, tables, carpet grass and pretty bicycles (which can even be rented) in the entrance.
Best place for your cheat day with all those cupcakes, yummy breakfasts, brunches and pancakes. They have something called the ‘House Granola Bowl’ if you want something filling, tasty and yet healthy.

Website: Plain Vanilla
Plain Vanilla

8PS Café

Everything about here is worthy of taking note, from the elegant furnishings, brilliant views, exquisite presentation of the food to the smell & to the taste. It has a lot of outlets all across the central area. However, my most favorite one is the outlet at Raffles City. The branch at One Fullerton had a waterfront view and this one is like a Glasshouse in the Sky. They are surely redefining the world of cafes with exquisite locations and stunning views. It has an exterior filled with planters, glass panels and the glass ceiling let some natural sunlight to make your picture perfect! Oh, and here’s a heads up, the prices are going to be expensive but if it suits your taste buds, why not?!
Quick tips: Not every dish justifies the high price though, like the Thai Chicken and Basil Bowl at $23? A big NO NO! So, make sure to pick something like the ‘Truffle Shoestring Fries’ which PS. Café is known for. Also, the place is most likely to be full, so I would totally recommend you reserve a table. ☺

Website: PS Café
PS Café

This was the list of top 8 cafes that I feel super good, energized and satisfied after visiting. Not a lot of fancy places because you get the real feel at a little low-key place than over the top place, right? When it comes to food, I’m an exceptionally picky person, and so for me to like a place and the food a lot of analyzing goes in. So, I whole-heartedly hope that this list suits you well and you get to taste some amazing dishes whilst your time in Singapore. Explore these places as much as you can and when they say it’s their signature dish, do give it a try because it’s usually justified. I hope you had a good read and will explore these cafes. Take a little time out for yourself amongst the hustle of life and have a little break. Munch on tasty brunches and pamper yourself. Oh wait, pampering reminds me of something- Shopping! So why not make the next article about it? I’ll tell you where to go for the best clothes, food, souvenirs, and anything else you need to know before you make the purchase!

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