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Student friendly startup for customised housing in Paris and Singapore

Finding a house challenge

Looking for an accommodation in a new city can be challenging. Online search leads to hundreds of ads, thousands of listings and ‘too good to be true deals’ that leaves you even more apprehensive. 

  • What will be the best area to stay?
  • How will be the commute?
  • Can I trust the facts and photos in this listing?
  • Is it okay to pay an advance deposit?

Enjoy your new city experience

At XACCO, we believe that International study experience is one of the most cherished part of our lives and your stay should add to many more pleasant memories rather than be a source of stress and confusion. We have tailor made our services around the needs of students because all our team has first hand experience abroad and we try to make it better for you.

What do we do differently

Bookable Choices

We provide you with housing options that you can 'actually book', not the options you can 'only look'. We are not a listing company that displays all the ads by the renters. We verify, check and then recommend.

Customized Search

Everyone has a different choice, preference and budget. If you are looking for specific choice of area or any particular features, you can choose the customized search option. We can check, verify and recommend.

Stay with your friends

The fun of staying abroad adds up when you stay with your friends. We offer you the whole apartment rather than making you choose one particular room. What's the fun of 4 friends living in 4 different places?

No advance depsits

Financial transactions can be overwhelming for a student, specially in a new city with a constant fear of being cheated or false promises. At XACCO you pay only after a confirmed booking.

No Need for Guarantor

In many cities you can't rent a house without a local guarantor, some house owners ask for detailed paperwork. Since we manage all our apartments, you can just sign a digital contract.


Staying for a long time entails you getting an impeccable maintenance and service support. XACCO operations team is always available to you if anything breaks down or any assistance.

Our Team

Shrey Agrawal

Studying for his BBA from ESSEC Business School, Shrey could hardly wait to complete his course to start something of his own. Always filled with new business ideas and dreams of making it big, he is an ardent lover of Indian food and Arsenal football club. On exchange, he met a vibrant group of young people at SMU, Singapore and started up XACCO in less than six months after his return. ‘No time is too early when you spot an opportunity worth pursuing’, is his mantra.

XACCO Pal, Paris

A Business Management student at EDHEC Grande Ecole, Paris, He is a true Parisian at heart. He is a national level player in football. Naturally curious and eclectic, he is passionate about diverse genres of music (but has a weakness for 90’s R&B), he never misses a chance to hit the dance floor. Recently, he took advantage of his semester in Singapore (SMU) to make his fellow exchange students change some clichéd views about French people!

Team Paris

A Corporate Law graduate from Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas. Pranika is born and brought up in Paris and with Indian cultural ethos. She has always been interested in discovering new cultures and interacting with different people. She loves traveling, fashion and is a big foodie. With in depth knowledge of the city, you can always count on her to recommend the places in Paris.

Advisor and Mentor

Manish is a marketing professional with decades of experience in hospitality Industry and shaping up ideas into new businesses. He brings along expertise in  designing a road map for strategic growth of products and services. With inputs in branding, promotions, and financial planning, he is always handy in providing a larger picture and a long term perspective. A keen travel enthusiast, he loves to dabble in graphic design and photography.

XACCO Pal , Germany

An undergraduate business student from Germany, Kai is studying at European Business School. With a strong interest in entrepreneurship, he has organised events and assisted students across universities. He has worked in two early stage startups in Berlin and met the XACCO team members during his exchange semester at the SMU, Singapore. His motto – ‘Change is our only constant!’

Marketing & Content 

With a  Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Ankita is deeply passionate about Digital Marketing and Designing who also likes to write, paint and has tried her hands on calligraphy and lettering. She keeps herself busy with acquiring various skillsets and would love to explore the world bit by bit. Believes that her Instagram profile is her digital portfolio she likes to show the world through her lenses.

Team Canada

Sanya is a travel management graduate and has a big passion for Digital Marketing and Sales. With plans to be an entrepreneur in near future, she has accumulated a good experience in varied fields. From handling marketing of International Travel packages to blogging, Corporate sales or making websites ; She has done is all. She has a lot of dynamic interests like music, travel and she is a avid cinephile.



Shekhar is the finance guy of XACCO. An experienced accountant, he manages financial planning and analysis, treasury, and internal audit. He holds a Master’s degree in Business/Commerce and QuickBooks, Tally ERP are the choicest skills in his arsenal. Despite being a big-time foodie, Shekhar loves to travel to mountains for yoga camps in Himalayas.

Ops Manager, Singapore

Justin is the go-to person for in Singapore for operations related matters. With good experience in facilities management in both Industrial and Commercial buildings, his passion for engineering helps in providing a value-driven  approach. He is also fueled with curiosity & considers himself as a lifelong student. He believes that work-play in harmony is the key to success and  he enjoys nature hikes, badminton and soccer

Content creator

While pursuing Global BBA at ESSEC, Sravya seems to be exploring and pursuing her interests. She has lived in a lot of places across the world and she totally loves to travel and explore new places all the time. She has been into a lot of things lately but writing articles about places she finds interesting has taken over everything else and has begun to be the new spark in her mind.

Business Development Manager
Kritikaa is a member of our Business Development team from India. She enjoys
working from home and has completed
internships in a variety of international
locations. She’s also a producer who
enjoys writing and shooting commercials.
She has a journalism and public relations
degree and has spent the majority of her
career with AIESEC, a global youth

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