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ith hundreds of services for every little inconvenience, one often wonders whether all the problem areas of today’s world have been already resolved. But very often it’s a matter of looking a tad closely and one can clearly see what can be further improved or made better for someone. As it’s said ‘Experience is what you got by not having it when you need it’.

At XACCO, we started with this premise and kept building on it for a service that can help young students traveling to new cities or new countries in search of university education and enriching experience.

International Student Exchanges

More and more students are opting for exchange semesters for developing a global perspective. In addition to academic consideration, factors like the quality of life in a city, exposure to a new language, fun and socializing opportunities are important considerations while choosing an exchange destination.

Exchange accommodation

A young student often finds it hard to make the right decision about location, budgets and the legal formalities and there are considerable apprehensions about the new city and a new culture.

There is an inherent lack of trust in local rental agents. When you are sitting in another part of the globe, trust and safety are valid concerns for parents and the loved ones. As a result, either a student relies on hearsay, web research or a recommendation from a friend and makes a judgment call.

XACCO Global Hospitalities delivers a professional service with a trustworthy student connect, sharing real time experience, information resources, all under one platform, which can make university exchange a wonderful experience.

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Our Team

Founder & XACCO Pal, ESSEC Business School, France


Studying for his BBA from ESSEC Business School, Shrey could hardly wait to complete his course to start something of his own. Always filled with new business ideas and dreams of making it big, he is an ardent lover of Indian food and Arsenal football club. On exchange, he met a vibrant group of young people at SMU, Singapore and started up XACCO in less than six months after his return. 'No time is too early when you spot an opportunity worth pursuing', is his mantra.

XACCO Pal, Île-de-France Area EDHEC Grande Ecole, Paris

Younes Benyamina

A Business Management student at EDHEC Grande Ecole, Paris, He is a true Parisian at heart. He is a national level player in football. Naturally curious and eclectic, he is passionate about diverse genres of music (but has a weakness for 90’s R&B), he never misses a chance to hit the dance floor. Recently, he took advantage of his semester in Singapore (SMU) to make his fellow exchange students change some clichéd views about French people !

Business Enhancer

Garima Jain

An MBA from Amity University, India. Garima has a work experience of over two years with a Big 4 company and freelancing services. She has an interest in entrepreneurship and has interned with a startup in education sector. She loves to dance and is fond of writing blogs - has one of her own as well. She went to USA for 4 months on a student scholarship program and loved the experience.

Content creator

Sravya Malineni

While pursuing Global BBA at ESSEC, Sravya seems to be exploring her interests. She has lived in a lot of places across the world and she totally loves to travel. She says she has been into a lot of things lately but writing articles has begun to be the new spark in her mind.

Business Enhancer

Ishita Kapoor

Ishita is pursuing Tourism Management and she believes that one should look forward to the three C’s in life ; Choice ,Chance and Change. She has a keen interest in knowing different cultures because she believes without learning about other cultures , we have no hope in understanding what the world is really like. She is a true Punjabi at heart and a food lover!

XACCO Pal , California

Abel L. Patrón

Interested in Marketing & Leadership, Abel is at Pitzer College in Southern California. He leads a group of 25 men who are dedicated to community service, social events, and community relations. He organizes social events to bring together people from different cultures and ethos and is known a people’s person. Growing up in Los Angeles, he is always in for a sense of adventure and has great love for sunny beaches.

XACCO Pal, Spain

David Canal Campoy

David is a Marketing and commercial management graduate from ESIC Business & Marketing School, Barcelona, currently pursuing ESSEC Global BBA double degree; he is one of the founders of My Proext, a company focussed in sharing opportunities of volunteering and international studies. He is a life lover, enjoys meeting new people and ready to share the Spanish culture to anyone who travels to Spain.

XACCO Pal, Hong Kong

William Lok

Lok comes from, what he calls a beautiful small dot on the map- Hong Kong and lives the heritage & history of a land where “East meets West”. An ardent adventurer, he follows the famous Chinese saying “讀萬卷書不如行萬里路” ( you can learn more by traveling a thousand miles than by reading a thousand books). He feels the world is full of wonderful people. It is time for us to explore , to meet and to connect.

XACCO Pal, Poland


An active member of ESN (Erasmuse Student Network) at Kozminski University business school,Warsaw, she managed 200 exchanges students, helping them find accommodation, providing first contact and organizing trips to other cities in Poland. She writes articles and manages official Snapchat and Instagram account of her university. She loved her experience as an exchange student to SMU, Singapore and joined hands with team XACCO.

XACCO Pal , Germany, European Business School

Kai Klapal

An undergraduate business student from Germany, Kai is studying at European Business School. With a strong interest in entrepreneurship, he has organised events and assisted students across universities. He has worked in two early stage startups in Berlin and met the XACCO team members during his exchange semester at the SMU, Singapore. His motto - 'Change is our only constant!'