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Bonjour! I hope you're all doing well. My name is Mas, a 23-year-old graduate currently residing in London and have just been offered a 6-month consulting internship in Paris starting January 2024. In light of this, I am actively seeking a room for the duration of my stay, ideally within a flatshare and with a budget of up to €900. Additionally, I do not have a preference for an arrondissement. As a newcomer to Paris, I am eager to immerse myself in the city's rich culture. Over the next six months, my goal is to explore everything Paris has to offer, from its renowned restaurants to vibrant club scenes and iconic shopping districts! Additionally, I am keen on enhancing my French language skills, making the most of this opportunity to experience life as a Parisian. My hobbies include photography, cooking, baking, reading and socialising. In terms of my personality, I consider myself outgoing and sociable. I value respectful social interactions and am mindful of others' boundaries. I am also very clean, so you do not have to worry about any mess around the house. While I am hopeful to secure accommodation through this message, I am equally enthusiastic about forming connections and making new friends during my stay in Paris. If you have any leads on accommodation or simply want to connect, I would be grateful for your assistance or company. Thank you, and I look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead!

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