Receiving that long-awaited admission confirmation from your dream college is an unparalleled joy. Yet, as you prepare to embark on this exciting journey, the task of creating a packing list can feel overwhelming. With so many items to consider, it’s essential to approach this task with practicality and foresight.
Crafting a packing list for international students venturing abroad can seem exhaustive, but by carefully assessing your basic needs, you can streamline the process and ensure you’re well-prepared for the adventure ahead.

Steps To Pack Right Essentials When Going Abroad:

– Select Your Luggage

For international travel, it’s crucial to choose a versatile and spacious bag that meets airline weight restrictions. Opt for a four-wheel, 360-degree rotating bag to ease mobility and reduce strain on your hands.

-Pre-Packing Organization

Before packing, international students should meticulously organize their essentials to avoid overlooking any crucial items. Since returning home may not be feasible in the short term, thorough planning is essential. Here’s a checklist to guide your pre-packing organization:

a) Utilize online file storage services (e.g., Google Drive, OneDrive) to store all documents securely.
b) Arrange airport transfers and temporary accommodation in advance.
c) Check luggage weight restrictions and prohibited items.
d) Use luggage tags for easy identification.
e) Take photos of important documents as backups.
f) Ensure you have a suitable storage space for your essentials before packing.
g) Continuously update your checklist as you pack each item.

Important Packing Checklist

Once you get your visa and admission confirmation, it is time to know the essentials that you must pack for safe travel and stay in a foreign country. Avoid last-minute undesirable situations and go through all the essentials that every international student must pack:

Travel Documents:

Travel documents are essential to include in the packing list of students going abroad. Travel documents are important for students to successfully fly, pass immigration check-ins, board, and undergo post-departure formalities. Also, students must have photocopies of the documents in case the original gets
stolen. The travel documents include the following:

• Passport
• Student Visa
• Credit cards
• Travel Itinerary
• Boarding Pass
• Student Card
• Health insurance card or copy of travel health insurance
• Fee receipt for accommodation allotted

Local currency

Keeping the local currency of the country handy when you are traveling is essential. Getting local currency from foreign exchange centers, airport kiosks, and currency exchange offices is effortless and avoids the trouble related to fake currencies. Read a little about the basics of the country’s currency to get a fair idea. Carry enough cash for easy access to necessities and expenses on the way.

Note: Nowadays, Master Cards and Visa Cards are easily accepted in every country but carrying some cash is still advisable.

Before leaving home, do the below:

1. Check the passport’s expiry date
2. Arrange a contact number for the new country
3. Create a new email address
4. Photocopy of all essential documents
5. Communication with the respective educational institutions
6. Fully charged batteries for phone, camera, and laptop

Key Takeaways 🔑

• It’s important to bring photocopies of important documents such as your passport, travel insurance, and required visa, just in case the originals get stolen.

• Dress according to the region, weather conditions, and country’s cultural norms. Do your research! Don’t show up in leggings and a crop top, if the locals are in rain boots and modest clothing.

• Be strategic about what you bring with you abroad, and don’t forget to leave some extra space in your bag for all the cool, new souvenirs you’ll be bringing back home.

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