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At XACCO, we are always very excited to share things with our fellow students.  Very often we hear queries about our services like what we do and how it can help you. In our experience when it comes to searching  a good house – Information is the always the key but if you are looking for a  great deal on that good house, you not only need updated information but also some assistance from the people you can trust.

What can we do for you? –  As an exchange student, finding the right accommodation in a new city can be overwhelming. There are plenty of choices on multiple websites and it gets complicated  to choose the right neighborhood, and the right apartment with a legal contract. We offer you :-

  • Practical choices of apartments which are customized to your requirements
  • Pre-screened apartments where other students have stayed before and can assure you that you will get what you see
  • Host of value added services like weekly cleaning, pick up on arrival, basic supplies, bed linen and equipped kitchen etc.
  • 100% trusted deals with no hidden or ambiguous charges.
  • Anytime support from our team of XACCO Pals who are there to help you go through the entire booking process.

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