The Hidden Gems of Singapore

Have you had enough of S’pore already? Got that ‘been there, done that’ feeling so soon? Feel like there’s nothing new to do this weekend? Or maybe you feel done with the touristy spots? Well, in any case, no city or country is ever out of places to discover; and if you’re looking for new places to explore in Singapore, you have landed at the right place. Also, if you have read my previous article, you will know that I covered the list of a cliché tourist. But now, I think it’s the right time to dig a little deeper and find something that’s not cliché but extremely interesting. Yes yes yes! You’re right! It’s time to find out the hidden gems of Singapore. There are new places still being uncovered by locals and explorers every day and this process of discovering never comes to an end. Frankly, it’s nearly impossible to cover everything because I’m sure there are lots of spots still left to be heard about and visited by myself. So, in this article, I’m going to list the top 10 low key exciting spots that will sweep the floor under your feet. Also, just a reminder, hold on to your cameras cause a good photo ain’t doing any harm.

A lake on Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

You might have heard of this place, but you might not be really sure what it is and stuff right? So, here’s the info you need. Pulau Ubin is an island located in the northeastern part of Singapore, so it’s a good day out after a long and deadly week. Want to know what’s better? The admission to this island is free. But just be sure to get some cash with you as the island doesn’t have any ATMs and all other places don’t accept card payments. The adventure starts with the boat ride (super cheap- just $3/person) from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Getting around Ubin has a few options. To start with you can join the guided tours offered by volunteers to see the island through their eyes and feel the lifestyle. Also, on the other hand, it’s a place to go on a leisurely trip, so you could either just walk around places or rent a bicycle and ride your way using the free maps to get around the island (this is the better option tbh). Don’t hesitate to cycle from Ubin jetty to Chek Jawa. If you’re wondering what it is, good question. Chek Jawa is, in a nutshell, home to a lot of plants and animals which aren’t commonly found anywhere in Singapore. From coastal hill forests to rocky shores to mangroves to coral rubble area; this place is something you would want to explore for sure.
Note: Just keep in mind a few things. It’s nature, what we’re going to explore. So, it’s our responsibility to follow a few basic rules to not disturb the life there. Stay on the designated walkways; maintain a little distance from the animals; please do not feed the animals; and of course, do not litter around.


The Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant

Craving some seafood? Go here. But wait, it gets better! Craving for catching your own fish and enjoying some freshly made dishes? Definitely go here! That’s not the end of it. Read the name once again, it’s a floating restaurant! Now if you’re already on your day out at Pulau Ubin, just hop on to this place located in the middle of the sea right next to Pulau Ubin. But let me warn you, going there would be, I would say, not quite pocket-friendly. The boat costs 100$ for a 2-way ride for 12 pax. Well, if you have that many people, it’s good. But if it’s just two of you, you’ll still have to pay 100$.  

Singapore’s Really, Really Free Market (RRFM)

Well, you might be thinking ‘I’m sure there’s an entrance fee’, ‘maybe we have to pay for a few exquisite items’, ‘there must be some loophole’. But nope! This market is really free as the name suggests. The cool part of this market is that anyone who wants to share their skills, or their work can just put up their stall. If you happen to visit and like something, you can just take it from the stall and put it in your bag for free. Leave behind the hassle of cash and credit cards and any sorts of payments, and hop on to this market to experience the love, people share towards each other work, in this market 


Bright Hill Temple 

Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, also known as Bright hill temple, is the largest Buddhist temple in Singapore. Located in Bishan, the monastery celebrates a lot of festivities, including Vesak Day. It doesn’t feel like just any other temple, it will make you feel as though you were in Taiwan. When I first went there, it was almost like I was there in a well-built, beautified film studio. It has some great spots for photoshoots and it’s so huge that, if you’re really interested in feeling the culture there, you won’t be able to cover the whole place.

Street art at Everton Park

Are you the artistic type? Or even the photography person? This is a must-see for you! Get to Everton Road and walk down the road to explore different artwork by Mr. Yip Yew Chong who spent more than 20 years around that area. It’s his expression of his life in Singapore which shows you an incredible history of S’pore. These are not just any wall paintings, rather they are made in a way which gives you the 3D feels and makes you feel a part of the art. It’s a classic example of nostalgia. Whether or not you are from Singapore, there are going to be things you can relate to in these paintings because these artworks are a great depiction of our childhood.

Henderson Waves

As the name suggests, Henderson waves is a pedestrian bridge shaped in the form of waves. No fancy area, but a classic spot for photography and killer views. If you want to have some privacy and a cute date, this is a green signal as it’s very popular among friends and couples. Stay until 7 pm to see the bridge illuminated with LED lighting which is a stunning scene to the eye. If you’re thinking about how to accommodate visiting this bridge in the best way possible, then here’s the best solution. Go on a 5-km hike from Kent Ridge Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park and finally ending at the Mount Faber Park. The Henderson bridge connects the latter two parks. So in this way, you can complete a hike plus cover the wavy bridge plus please your eyes with appealing views.

MacRitchie Reservoir

Being the oldest reservoir in Singapore, MacRitchie is a host to many activities. The most exciting ones, I would say, are the walking trails and the Tree Top Walk for sure. The walking trails are unguided which means the only way to go around are the signboards located at regular intervals. This 11km nature trail loop is a part of the tropical rainforest of the Natural Reserve. So be prepared to bump into some monkeys, monitor lizards and alligators as well. As a part of this trail, follow the signs to treetop walk to catch a breathtaking view of the flora and fauna living in the reservoir. Additionally, you can also go kayaking in the water of MacRitchie. In case you are really keen on knowing the history of the reservoir and have a detailed tour, you can check out the monthly schedules of the guided tours and hop on with the groups to have an experience of your own. 



If you still aren’t satisfied with the views you have got from the Singapore Flyer, MBS, then this is another viewing spot for you to get those eyeshots of enthralling city lights. Located on the 56th floor of ION Orchard shopping mall, it’s at a height of 280 meters from ground level. It’s open daily between 3 pm and 6 pm and the last admission is at 5:30 pm. There are some advanced telescopes that guarantee you the best view of iconic buildings in the day and night light. Hold on, if you happen to spend at least 20$ at the orchard mall, you can visit ION sky for free.

NOX- Dine in the Dark

You might have come across this concept of dining in the dark. As the name suggests you get to, quite literally, dine in the dark. We’re so used to visually seeing the food and judging it before eating that at times we lose the essence of it. But this concept lets you broaden your taste horizons by enjoying the food through its taste alone. It’s a crazy yet unique concept and so are the prices. I would strongly suggest you have a look at the menu online and then visit. If you eat everything in this exquisite menu, then GO; it’s gonna get cray cray!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Café

Yes, exactly! I’m talking about the Central Perk Café. You might have enjoyed the show and perhaps even binge watched it all over again for the 10th time. So now it’s time for you to experience the café with your friends and click pictures with the props and sets used in the lovely BFF series. Also, fill in your tummy with their really amazing and cutely named dishes. I tried the ‘Phoebe’s Vegetarian Pizza’ and instantly fell in love; with not just the taste, but the presentation of food and even the atmosphere of the café. There’re even the episodes of the series projected on a screen and alongside the food, it just gives you a real chill vibe. 

That was a wrap to a few hidden gems in S’pore. There’s still more to be discovered; so STAY TUNED TO US cause when there are new ones, we’ll be the first to update you with the coolest places to visit. If you want to get a little extra information about the most touristy places, do give a read to our previous article accessible from the link below.


That was all for the Cliché list. But guys, bookmark us so you can make the most out of our blogs because what’s next is something I’m sure you’ll enjoy and want to read too.  


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